Demo of Alert Boxes and Popups

Consider whether it would annoy you (as a hypothetical content provider) to have your content juxtaposed with some of the following kinds of advertising display -- and what you might want to do about it based on your IP expertise. (Note: Pop-up suppressing applications prevent the following demos from working properly. Many of these demos work in IE but not in Mozilla based browsers.)

FYI: A popup window or alert box can be made to pop up automatically (as occurred before this page loaded), or instead on a button press. It can also be made to pop up on a mouseover as shown below.

Here is an alert box designed to pop up if you run your cursor over a link (which need not be underlined and in blue if the advertiser doesn't want that).

Putting little annoyances like this alert box in the framing around someone's content is just the sort of thing to give that someone a pleasant buzz and warm fuzzy feelings for the framer, isn't it?

Now let's try a series of alert boxes in saecula seculorum. To get this started, run the cursor over this pseudo-link.

And now for something completely different. Try this button:

Button works only in Mozilla based browsers. IE users will please utilize this link instead.

Javascript may crash your browser, particularly if it is not the most current version. It is recommended that you make the free upgrade to Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, or IE to lessen such difficulties with this and the Obnoxious Framing demo page. In addition, only newer browsers implement the added functionality of HTML 4 relative to HTML 3, such as iframing. Note: This page will look different with different browsers.

Link to free Netscape Download. For best pedagogic results, enable Javascript and Java in Preferences. You may also wish to adjust your text size, in IE 5 View, to Medium; in NS 6 such that the viewed size is about 14 pt (product of Font size in Edit/Preferences times Text Size in View).