Demonstration 2 of TOTAL ADVERTISING Business Model

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[Preliminary Note for Students: Assume that this page is a Web page operated by a company named TOTAL ADVERTISING. The material framed at left below is from a Web page owned by a different organization or person, and it has not consented to the use shown below. That is the context in which you should begin to read the material that follows.]

Welcome to the Little Red Flying Window. Is this a reproduction of a copy, or a distrbution of a copy, of the underlying (iframed) work (the Papers page)? Who did the reproduction? Who did the distribution?

Is this another way to make an unauthorized preparation of a derivative work? Is the red advertising box on top of the Papers work at the upper left more or less intrusive than Albuquerque Art's frame? Does it matter how much of the Papers work it covers up? For how long? Does it make a difference that you can easily turn it off?

How does it compare with painting a mustache on a copy of the Mona Lisa? Is it like The Wind Done Gone? Big Hairy Woman? Coke on Littleton?

Do these categories of section 106 make sense in the context in which the question is posed? Is copyright law the (or an) appropriate tool with which to address such a problem? What would Professor Nefarious say of that?

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