Klemesrud Usenet Posting, Oct. 17, 1996

Subject:      I humbly ask for Church Charity
From:         tomklem@netcom.com (Tom Klemesrud)
Date:         1996/10/17
Message-ID:   <tomklemDzEqHK.Fu2@netcom.com>
Newsgroups:   alt.religion.scientology

Huge Cajones Remailer (nobody@huge.cajones.com) wrote:

: Scientology lawsuit [fair use] : AP 16 Oct 1996

: ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- While reaffirming an important ruling on : cyberspace copyright infringement, a federal judge says she probably : will award the church of Scientology only the minimal $2,500 it sought : in a lawsuit against a former member found to have posted church : materials on the Internet. [...] : "This is a total victory," the Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch, president of : Church of Scientology International, said today. : He noted that the church had only asked for the minimum $500 for : each of five alleged copyright infringements and was more interested : in establishing that its materials were protected by copyright -- even : from publication on the Internet -- than in achieving a big monetary : award.

I would like to take this opportunity to implore the charitable institution known as the Chruch of Scientology to give back $47,500 to my insurance company. This good-will gesture wil help reduce all Californians' insurance expenses, since the church is not interested in big monetary awards.

In a settlement forced upon me by my Insurance Company, the Court, and the Church of Scientology, My Insurance Company insisted that I settle its contributory copyright infringement complaint against me for Dennis Erlich using the Los Angeles Valley College BBS - Support.COM. My insurance company paid $50,000 to RTC and Bridge Publications to settle, with no admission of liability. Arnaldo Lerma was found liable of direct infringement, and justly will be found liable for the minimum of $2,500. To complete the peaceful circle of closure, I ask now for the Church to return $47,500 to Farmers Insurance Company -- so to show it's not trying to profiteer from suing innocent parties.

Short of this, and since I have no recourse for redress in Court for what this cult did to me prior to August 21, 1996 -- and it was a bloody mess -- I implore all Federal Judges to patronize Farmers Insurance Company, to make up for the injustice I feel was done to me in the Northern District of California. You're all "Brotheren" right?

Tom Klemesrud