Last major update 10-26-01

L.H.O.O.Q. 2 - Additional Demonstrative Materials

Use NS 6.1+ or I.E. 5+, 800 x 600 screen recom.

Mona Goes Psychedelic

Mona Skrunches Down

Mona Does Mitosis

The successive images for the first panel are effects such as color negative of prior image, cyclical shift of color values from Red to Green to Blue, mirror reflection... If you want to study the individual image frames and the effects, you can download a free program, IrfanView, which will provide that capability, among other graphics functions.
The four GIF animations of Mona Lisa were made by Prof. Ed Stephan of Western Washington University. You can find these and more of his animations (unfortunately, none shed as much light on derivative works as these) at his Website.

Mona Is Warped

This applet is a more complicated version of what happens in Mona Skrunches Down. A selected pixel on Mona's face is moved on a vector V from P1 to P2. Every other pixel is then moved on a vector pointing to P2 where the length of the move vector is proportional to the distance of P2 from the starting point pixel. The applet is placed on a different page to make it easier to load.

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