Demonstration 3 of TOTAL ADVERTISING Business Model

(Optimized for IE. Not Mozilla-friendly.)

Welcome to the Persistent, Zig Zagging, Little Red Flying Window. Try clicking on the red box if you can catch it. Even if you ''blur'' it to put focus on the main window (i.e., click elsewhere than on the red box), you don't kill it. The red box just goes underground. It becomes a stealth layer (''pop-under window'') behind the main window's layer. It lurks there and is ready to spring back into action the first chance it gets.

You can kill it with the button provided below, however.

At the time this series of demos was first prepared, stationary popup window advertising was already a reality. But I thought I was making up flying popup window advertising. (Nobody could be that gross!) Since then, I found this (now defunct) site, Techno Scout, which the N.Y. Times' Web page sponsored. It placed a flying popup window over its own advertising material -- at least at Christmas. Popup advertising is revisited in subsequent pages of these materials: Mousetrapping page 3 and L.H.O.O.Q. page 3.

The next demo places the advertiser's material in the status bar under the browser window.

  Providing this stop button is, of course, optional with the client of the notional Total Advertising.
  Click on this button for demo of another way to juxtapose alien content with a framed work.