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March 26, 2007

We would like to congratulate the following individuals for being voted the ELSA Officers for the 2007-2008 academic year.

President - Anne Cannon
Co-Vice Presidents - Kelly Becker and Alexis Brown-Reilly
Treasurer - Daniel (Stuart) Phelan
Communications Director - MaryAnne McReynolds
4L Rep - (to be determined)
3L Rep - Katie Stevens
2L Rep - Brian Johnson

August 4, 2006

Dear First Year Evening Student,

The Evening Law Student Association (ELSA) officers welcome you to the George Washington University Law School, and in particular, to the evening program. You've chosen a great place to study law, sitting at the heart of where our nation's laws are created.

The evening program has a special strength: students grounded in reality, often balancing a full time job, family and school. While having this life outside the classroom provides a unique perspective to your studies, it also leaves you with less time to be fully engaged at school. As ELSA officers, we provide representation for the evening student body to the Student Bar Association (SBA), the law school administration and other organizations. We are familiar with the distinctive rigors placed on you as an evening law student and are here to help you succeed.

One of our most important functions as a student organization is to provide you the opportunity to access one of the school's most important resources: your fellow classmates. Many evening students, after working a full day and coming to class at night, make a beeline for the door to get home, and miss out on getting to know each other. ELSA hosts a periodic get-together, "Wet Your Whistle Wednesday," where we provide refreshments in the law school lounge after the evening class. Please join us on September 13 for our kick-off Wet Your Whistle Wednesday.

During 1L orientation we will be available to talk with you about our experiences and to answer any of your questions about GW Law. Throughout the year ELSA will remain an open forum for your input, questions, and concerns please contact us at ELSA@law.gwu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

Best Regards,

Sally Walker

Bill Bainbridge
Vice President

Bill Campbell
Communications Director

Kelly Becker

Chris Jackson
Brooke Lundquist
4LE Representatives

Carlos Flores Laboy
3LE Representative

MaryAnne McReynolds
Alexis Brown
Steven Wood
2LE Representatives

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